Monday, July 2, 2012

New Review for Bellringer by J R Janes

The Globe and Mail reviews Bellringer by J Robert Janes.

"Three years is too long to wait for a new instalment of one of my favourite series. The Kohler/St-Cyr collection is now 13 books long. This is usually when a writer starts to fade, but J. Robert Janes, of Niagara-on-the Lake, Ont., manages to keep his characters fresh and his plots lively as he explores the underworld of France during the Occupation.

Fans know of the odd couple of police: Gestapo officer Hermann Kohler and Sûreté Inspector Jean-Louis St-Cyr. This time out the pair are called to the spa town of Vittel, once a playground of the rich, now home to several thousand foreign nationals imprisoned by Vichy. It is 1943, a long time since the fall of France. The prisoners have been subsisting on Red Cross packages, but now, with France starving, they are beginning to die.

In the face of mass murder, we have an individual murder: An American woman has been stabbed in the heart with a pitchfork. Crime passionelle? Or is there much more to uncover in hidden hell of Vittel? This is one of Janes’s best books and, in case you missed the other 12, they are all now available as eBooks.”